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September 29, 2021

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Istanbul Turkey

About The Conference

Accessibility, which is a national consultancy agency for the employment of people with disabilities in Turkey, is now hosting the Barrier-Free Career Summit with the theme of “Accessibility”, having 27 years of experience and knowledge in its field. For the first time in our country, we are going to organize an “Barrier-Free Career Summit” with the theme of “Accessibility”. With the help of this Summit, we are aiming to introduce the importance of inclusion and accessibility concepts in HR to the business world. We also want to be a part of this change, as a source of inspiration. Read More…


To transform the power of diversity into added value by means of bringing together the changing needs and requirements of disabled people (in terms of education, employment and social life) with holistic and collective approaches.


To ensure a sustainable working environment also for the disabled people (just like every other employees in business world) by means of using equal, fair, facilitating, safe and innovative good practices.


In line with the abilities of all employees; to spread an inclusive working culture, by means of using practices and managements, which shall increase the productivity and continuity within equal opportunities.

September 29, 2021 Wednesday

Accessibility In Business


September 29, 2021 Wednesday

Inspiring Accessibility Apps



  • Be aware of accessible and innovative applications all around the world.
  • Get introduced with inspiring local and global speakers.
  • Collaborate with professionals from various sectors.
  • Establish your own inclusive employer brand.
  • Become a company which believes in the power of diversity and also which transforms it into an  added value.

“The first step to mention about “accessibility” in business life starts with the involvement of the managers into this issue. It is important to mention that “accessibility” is not a help or a blessing; but it is an equal opportunity and a right. “Accessibility” also means caring about inclusion and diversity, applying as a policy as well as adopting it as a company and employer culture…”

Mehmet Kızıltaş CEO



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It is the last opportunity for limited registration quota. If you want to take part in the first international online Barrier-Free Career Summit, which will be hosted by Turkey with the theme of “Accessibility” , do not miss the opportunity for free registeration! Inspiring speakers from the world and from Turkey, as well as a unique summit program is waiting for you.


2021 SEPTEMBER, 28
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