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Isik University Turkish Sign Language Teaching
Yusuf Ermez


Yusuf Ermez, who has been deaf from birth, was born in Bursa in 1981. He completed his primary and secondary education at the School for the Deaf in Eskişehir; and high school in Bursa Industrial Vocational High School, Structural Design Department. He became first in the Special Talent Exam at Istanbul Commerce University. He, then, has been graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Fashion/Textile Design. 

At Ministry of Family and Social Policies: He worked as ELAN/Data Analyser (Turkish Sign Language Grammar Research Project and Current TİD Dictionary Research Project)

At Boğaziçi University:  He worked as ELAN/Data Analyser (Language Interaction in Turkey project.)

He supported and assisted master and doctoral students studying at several universities related to their TID Research theses. He also interviewed deaf children studying at the School for the Deaf Children (İstanbul) on psychological, social needs.

He taught TID lessons at Neşe Erberk Kindergarten, Kartal Private Kıraç School, Beyoğlu İŞKUR, 23rd Sports Olympics for the Deaf Individuals, 19 Mayıs University and Biruni University. He has been teaching TİD at Istanbul Commerce University and Işık University since 2015.

He is also interested in painting and plans to open his personal exhibition.