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THE BARRIER-FREE CAREER SUMMIT, which is a national consultancy agency for the employment of people with disabilities in Turkey, is now hosting the Barrier-Free Career Summit with the theme of “Accessibility”, having 27 years of experience and knowledge in its field.

For the first time in our country, we are going to organize an “Barrier-Free Career Summit” with the theme of “Accessibility”. With the help of this Summit, we are aiming to introduce the importance of inclusion and accessibility concepts in HR to the business world. We also want to be a part of this change, as a source of inspiration.

The issue that highlights the importance of our Summit is that disabled people face discrimination by not being hired by HR / employers, in case special accessibility regulations are needed to be performed. HR professionals mostly tend to choose candidates who are most suitable for their existing working environment/conditions (architecture, technology, digital conditions etc). But, on the other hand, they may unfortunately miss out talents of disabled candidates that will provide loyalty, productivity, continuity and add value to the company. However, with the help of facilitating support technologies, it is possible to see that disabled people achieve sustainable success by means of using all kinds of accessible solutions in business life as well as in every field.

At our online summit, we will emphasize the importance of inclusion and accessibility for disabled people in business life. We shall also witness how employers provide high added value in diversity management, through investments for the disabled talents.

With’s business partners consisting of leading companies and experts all over the world, the Barrier-Free Career Summit aims to adopt “inclusive policies in business life” for the first time in our country.

The summit, which brings together the leading companies of the sector (with thousands of professionals, experts and world-wide known speakers) reveals our passion for spreading the principles of accessibility as well as the new practices and approaches for establishing a more inclusive working life.     

The Barrier-Free Career Summit, which brings new accessible perspectives to the professionals of the business world in the field of human resources and management, provides content that sheds light on companies for reaching their goals and for acting inclusively with the global business world. 

The Barrier-free Career Summit, which brings together professionals from different parts of the world, enables the sharing of internationally successful practices and provides unique opportunities to the participants to meet with new experiences. It also provides a unique opportunity for change and transformation that reveals a vision followed by the world.