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Research Assistant, TUR


Dr. Sare Aydın was born in 1992 in Tokat. She is unable to walk due to congenital spina bifidal anomaly. Due to her orthopedic disability, she could not start primary school with her peers and learned reading-writing at home with the help of her family until the age of 11. She then started her education at Tokat Turhal Orthopedically Disabled Primary School. Since she could read and write, she skipped grades and graduated from primary school with first place.

After graduating from primary school, she got a high score in the high school entrance exam that year and won her first choice Turhal Yeşilırmak Anatolian High School and graduated from high school with first place. She also got a high score in the university exam. However, since her family lives in Tokat, she wrote Gaziosmanpaşa University Medical Faculty as her first choice and won. After having a six years’ medical education, she graduated from the faculty with the first place. Afterwards, she made a degree in TUS which is the second most difficult exam in the world. She got a rank of 136th in Turkey. She is currently having her specialization education in the field of Mental Health and Diseases at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, which is also her first choice.