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MEHMET KIZILTAS CEO, Social Entrepreneur, TUR


Mehmet Kızıltaş: Founder of, Social Entrepreneur, Inclusive Disabled People Employment Specialist, Communication Specialist with Disabled Individuals, Writer and Trainer.

He hosted and produced the programme for disabled individuals called “As You Live” for 17 years, on national TV channels, especially TRT. Mehmet Kızıltaş, who works with NGOs, Local Administrations, Politicians, Academics and individuals, carried out sustainable and inclusive studies for the representation of disabled people in all areas.

Mehmet Kızıltaş received 3 world awards from the Kennedy Foundation of America, JCI in Brazil and the Austrian Zero Project and hundreds of national awards due to his studies in the field of disability. He established the Disabled News and Information Site, (2003), on the digital platform regarding disabled people. He also founded (Turkey’s National Disabled Employment Consultancy Agency) in 2005 which was the first “Human Resources and Career Site for the Disabled Individuals” in Turkey. With the help of the programme called “Disability Friendly Companies” he pioneers the institutional change in companies in order to gain sustainable inclusive employment policies regarding disabled employees. His book called “Communication with the Disabled Individuals” (2012) was the first source and literature book on the subject and reached more than 50 thousand readers (6th edition) . He also wrote a book called “360° Social Leadership” in order to  to start the social change movement.

Basing on his knowledge and experience with the TV programs and projects since 1994, he prepared various tpes of training programmes such as leadership, self-development, communication, career,  awareness of diversion & inclusion as well as Occupational Health & Safety trainings which is especially designed regarding disabled employees. He also provides consultancy services to companies on disability, disabled employees and disabled employment.

He, currently, continues his inspiring studies  for social benefit, social impact and social change.