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Hasibe Kızıltaş


Hasibe Kızıltaş was born in 1981 in Trabzon. Her career journey started at the foreign trade department of an international Japanese company at Sumitomo. In 2008, she became a social entrepreneur as the founding partner and general manager of, which was Turkey’s first human resources and career portal for the disabled individuals.

Inclusive Disabled Employment Specialist Hasibe Kızıltaş has been graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Office Management in 2002, and Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Administration in 2007. She currently continues her education at the Human Resources Department of Istanbul University. She received a world award in Brasil with the project (TOYP), which successfully represented our country in the world.  She was then nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prizes of JCI and ICC-WCF. In 2017, she received the Innovative Project award from the Austrian Zero Project Team. She was the consultant of the book titled “360 Degree Communication with Disabled People” by Mehmet Kızıltaş.

Mrs Hasibe Kızıltaş, who also writes articles and columns, continues to take part in many studies and projects related to the children, women, elderly people as well as disabled individuals. She believes that disabled individuls can easily reach any place they want in the business world with the help of informatics. She is also a trainer, besides taking part in social responsibility activities.